Flowers In A Vase


the vase is an empty vessel

porcelain, earthenware or brass

it changes the breadth of space

compliments the table top of glass


but the beauty comes to life

when it is dolled up with flowers

 yellow, red, purple and the like

brighter than a battery of lawyers


when dull days come to a weeping

and there’s no shoulder to cry on

flowers in bloom of burning colors

floats the drowned mood and forever gone

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i am not him and he’s not me

i have my own personal identity

to some issues  we both don’t agree

sometimes we’re friends, sometimes enemies


on occasions he’s my buddy

he’s unique in his own distinct way

he’s trekking his unknown destiny

his sincerity i don’t have to weigh


in size i maybe small

but i can offer a bigger heart

friendship, our rapport to call

needs the other when one of us fall


 in society we stand differently

rich or poor we can find harmony

where or when, friendship can spring 

 and blossom to a happy friendly ending?

Kokak, the Frog

The froggie!



kokak, kokak, kokak

when rains do come

it’s time to play around

kokak, kokak, kokak


i am slimy and small

tailless and have  long hind legs

webbed feet and most of all

i can leap


i live in the water

the place where i was born

 they call me a tadpole

and i swam ’till i have grown


i live on insects, earthworms and spiders

these are enough that i won’t get thin

i don’t drink water  after each meal

 i just absorb it through my skin


i am both a predator and prey

a predator ’cause  i hunt for my meals

a prey ’cause i’m always chased away

lucky if i survive the deals


kokak, kokak, that’s my life,

every hour, everyday i’m in danger

spring, summer, fall, or winter

 facing threats from environmental factors…

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Man’s Life

2013 - 1 (20)

 man’s furrowed and narrow path

dangerous, risky and life-threatening

an acute ordeal to death

man’s trench of downfall

a pit of loss

a brawling amphitheater of extinction

which should be trod with care

and skillful manipulation of ways

to control fear

and be adept

for survival

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A Fighter, A Survivor…

DSC05801 (2)

i am the leftover

of the flowers that bloomed

i continue to prosper

in spite of the arid spell

i continue to function

in spite of the corollary dead vines

i didn’t forget

to darken the color of my petals

i still know how to carry out photosynthesis

among my leaves

‘though i know

some of my branches are mortified

still, i continue to thrive among the vines

i want to outlive them

i want to branch out some more

i don’t embrace surrendering

to the dryness of the clime


i am a fighter

i am a survivor…

Our Home

22 02 2016 - 1.jpg pinkbirds- sedat Asci

Image Credit : Sedat Asci

 our home, our refuge

a place where our affections flourished

the place where our strength were built


it is the cradle of undying love

which sprouted hand in hand with virtues

with decency and uprightness


the nest of good moral excellence

where it conforms to one’s life and conduct

to moral and ethical principles


it is the seat of our faith and theological virtues

where someone as god is our king

and follow his teachings as we tread  our life’s path


it is our court of settlement

to iron out dents among ourselves

and make decisions out of our rational thinking 


it is the birth place of our happiness

where blissful contentment were laid in place

as the center of our daily survival

this is our home

bare and naked…

Roses and Birds for Freedom

9 09 2014 - 1 (1)


i can’t think of anything

that will lift our spirits tonight

and I’ll feel like a king

if you switch ON the green light


give me the seal of approval

that you won’t be my lovely queen

for tonight’s our last night

our love will cease to dream


red roses for you

with the dancing little birds

one is you, the other is me

and together we say, “We are free”



the voices





from the heart

from the lungs

from the nose

each his own way


emotions set free

sadness on the mend

happiness on the loose

what a feeling released


judges voted

scores tallied

winner announced

it’s me!

on a singing contest…

Surge like Smoke

dark smoke goes up

into the heavens

some portions that billow

paint it gray and white

black shows fire has just started

 grayish and whitish mean

fiery Eden has been doused

like a fight that newly flared up

dense and muddy arguments

surge like smoke

after awhile

come into sight

a fine and pleasant  sky