Kokak, the Frog

The froggie!



kokak, kokak, kokak

when rains do come

it’s time to play around

kokak, kokak, kokak


i am slimy and small

tailless and have  long hind legs

webbed feet and most of all

i can leap


i live in the water

the place where i was born

 they call me a tadpole

and i swam ’till i have grown


i live on insects, earthworms and spiders

these are enough that i won’t get thin

i don’t drink water  after each meal

 i just absorb it through my skin


i am both a predator and prey

a predator ’cause  i hunt for my meals

a prey ’cause i’m always chased away

lucky if i survive the deals


kokak, kokak, that’s my life,

every hour, everyday i’m in danger

spring, summer, fall, or winter

 facing threats from environmental factors…

image credit : google+

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11 thoughts on “Kokak, the Frog

    1. i also remember my childhood wherein we’ll catch frogs by the fish pond…and with our innocence we cook them …but with the beautiful frog in the photo, we can’t slaughter Kokak…i love that frog! ….thanks a lot for your time, chattykerry 🙂

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