Photography: Fishermen on Small Boats



At 6 AM, these fishermen are already out in the sea for a catch. Romblon Pass is a rich ground for these folks to catch fish. Between Tablas island and Romblon, the sea is a virtual home of fishes inhabiting this pass supporting lives of people from the nearby town of San Agustin, Tablas island and Romblon, Philippines.

Shed Some Tears

2014 - 1 (8)

let me shed some tears tonight
and ease the burden to make it light
an obese load of the piercing past
drowning me without a life raft

drop some tears along the road
leave behind some awful load
let some burden escape the booth
start believing the future’s truth

abandon the past of heart’s bitterness
hope for the feeling not of loneliness
a place awaits the troubled mind
in the Lord you can’t go blind



intoxicated with alcohol

mental functions as well as physical

always in excess i lose control

 over those drunk conduct that befell


intoxicated with sudden fame

life has soared high and changed

ignoring people whose help he’s forgotten

 friends of his now has waned


intoxicated with overwhelming wealth

floating in the opulence of assets and means

palms are closed to the pauperized

bad karma has resided within…