Abstract Painting 1: Fire

abstract PNG

I don’t know if the term “on line painting” is correct but I did this on my laptop. I just came across a painting app on line and tried how it will fare with my hands. I have no formal training in painting but I guess this one will pass your rating evaluation. I guess, Abstract is the easiest to do in painting, isn’t it?

Too Young…

16 - 1.jpgPrakashPulikode-childphotography

image credit: Annie Lo

too young to learn

the rudiments of life

still in his nakedness

living at the edge of a knife

early immersion in the can of worms

where he will be consumed or pass

or  be blown away by storms

and be a dog’s breakfast

Celestial Concoction

hot 61.gif - LyndiaFalls-couplemakinglove

Image credit: Lyndia Falls (Google+)

I’ll fly you to the moon

to the endless space

of happiness and joy

I’ll fly your slumberous soul

and awaken you from the journey

of your repose

Taste the sweetness of my kisses

and surrender to the flowing juices of love

emanating from my heart to the cave of dignity

Press your head against the pillow

and arch your back against the newly shaved air

Feel the bulge as you open the fly of my soul

where love exits ready to reap your embraces

Close your eyes,

feel the heat of my toxic tongue as it burns your skin

and leave a heart-shaped scar

Blend the youthful corrupted liquids of our innocence 

as it travels from mouth to mouth

As this moment of celestial concoction

nears the tip of the spire

Let me fly you back to reality as I whisper in your ear

I Love You, dear!



the sun gazed on the horizon

spreading its glimmering fiery heat

making  shadows of everything in height

brightened  landscapes in golden fahrenheit


as darkness stepped aside to moor

jangling nerves of sleepy life  begun

a page of woe to feel secure

from cries of pain to carry on

image credit: google+

I don’t want to get naked…

Iligan city 08-28-14, Eden natureresort,08-27-14 133 (2)

i don't want to get naked
for all the people may see
i don't want their libido awakened
and make a fun out of me
my lovely feathers are gone
and it's cold in the night
i look like a frightened swan
when cooks yell for a fight
give me back my feathered jacket
'cause i fear for my dear life
when a chef sees me without clothes
he'll  run after me with  a knife



when time begs for some moment
to decelerate the pace
as you turn the corner
you don't have to race
step on the brakes
chase not  the time
 it's not running after you
you're racing with your mind...
image credit: google+

Olden days


bloodless photographs

now  bronzed in time

wrapped by memories

of  spent documentaries


happy moments

and troubled winks of life

stinking struggles and bitter clash

put in store for the future’s grasp


it’s a lover’s tale

of recaptured past

now they’ve aged

locked in lucid cage


images back when love was strong

the teachings grounded on

shining in the mean of deep

the lessons they should keep


2014 - 1 (25)

how could you dream up there

too low the altitude for clouds

 to serve as your bed and grand pillows

  too high to pass through its test windows


the leafless vigor that mightily holds

seems to be dead and rather old

how can you drive on rugged endless road

you’re  clipped between shaky withering loads


the wheel of fortune is in your favor

for tomorrow  it’s in another’s hands

the higher you get to be in the future

the hardest the fall  for sure…

Boats of Pilar, Camotes island


This boat is resting on a bamboo platform. This is to prevent the belly to be continuously submerged in the water and gather moss. This is also my first time to see this kind of approach  of the boats’ protection from growing greenish-blue sea moss on the belly which slightly diminish  its speed. It also stained the underbelly and sides of the boat making it dirty and murky to look at. They just slide the boat from the bamboo platform when it is ready to sail. ( Pilar, Camotes island, Cebu, Philippines )