Celestial Concoction

hot 61.gif - LyndiaFalls-couplemakinglove

Image credit: Lyndia Falls (Google+)

I’ll fly you to the moon

to the endless space

of happiness and joy

I’ll fly your slumberous soul

and awaken you from the journey

of your repose

Taste the sweetness of my kisses

and surrender to the flowing juices of love

emanating from my heart to the cave of dignity

Press your head against the pillow

and arch your back against the newly shaved air

Feel the bulge as you open the fly of my soul

where love exits ready to reap your embraces

Close your eyes,

feel the heat of my toxic tongue as it burns your skin

and leave a heart-shaped scar

Blend the youthful corrupted liquids of our innocence 

as it travels from mouth to mouth

As this moment of celestial concoction

nears the tip of the spire

Let me fly you back to reality as I whisper in your ear

I Love You, dear!

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