Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience: Bicycle Traffic

The bicycle, or bike, is the most popular means of transportation in the world. This two-wheeled, human-powered and pedal-driven machine has provided effects on society’s culture and some methods in industrial manufacturing. In Japan, bikes are widely used by young and old of all genders and social status. They are best suited for running errands and making short trips in the city and rural areas. *Japanese bike riders are treated the same way as vehicles under Japanese Road Traffic Laws.




Most bikes are equipped with a basket and rack and an extra seat if you’re driving with a child.


In Osaka City, bikes are very common even in crowded city streets. When offices take their closing hours, bikes crowd the sidewalks and together with the human traffic they cross the streets with the pedestrians. Some buildings are provided with bicycle parking spaces. During office hours, sidewalks seem to be a lonely place to walk on.


Japan is a safe city and I really like to return for the snowfall and the cherry blossoms.

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