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Shed Some Tears

2014 - 1 (8)

let me shed some tears tonight
and ease the burden to make it light
an obese load of the piercing past
drowning me without a life raft

drop some tears along the road
leave behind some awful load
let some burden escape the booth
start believing the future’s truth

abandon the past of heart’s bitterness
hope for the feeling not of loneliness
a place awaits the troubled mind
in the Lord you can’t go blind



2013 - 1 (3)
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i  ponder my mind why
they push the people to the edge
to fall for and take as gospel truth
to recite some prayers not their own
and to be  one with their praise
 proclaiming as traitors
those who don’t agree
to each his own and let them be
preach their own god
and carve their destiny
peace is within reach
when there is no recruitment
let the numbers be confined
in the expanse where they breath
it’s daring to say
they have someone to believe in
but let the freedom works for all
who to trust and pin the faith
on whoever they will put their blessings 
to be counted on…

In The Midst…


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there are days i like it white
pure and clean like Mary the Virgin
taste like vanilla at the height of night
but cuts and stings like a sea urchin
coffee, chocolate or mocha color me up
weekends  taste nutty with shades of brown
merrily singing, but heart cries like a tiger cub
making a canopy of sort, laughing like a clown
tucking away sad memories inside
moments of truth sometimes will show
deep in a heart bitter realities just don’t die
spring will come in the midst  of a cold snow…