Honest and Innocent


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hiding behind words
writing lethal poison
injecting venomous lines
into the veins of  honest innocent stanzas


suspicion dictated
the heart was wounded
cut and disfigured
after harmless letters reached a guilty one


it was just for fun
written only to rhyme
but the sense was there
  to be judged by time


To Dream


’twas calling me
every night and
in the wee hours
of the morning
as i  laid down
on my bed
’twas accosting me
to close my eyes
and along the way
a sob was heard
tears dropped
like it rained
time was inviting
me To Dream




when time begs for some moment
to decelerate the pace
as you turn the corner
you don't have to race
step on the brakes
chase not  the time
 it's not running after you
you're racing with your mind...
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8 12 2013 - 1

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smoke suddenly goes up
into the wide space of the sky
searching for answers
from questions floating by
security is in danger
peace is  shaken
beliefs are doubted
confusion is feared
turns to puzzle
trust is broken
heaven is uncertain
to be in harmony
time isn’t a burden…

Lillies of Time


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stunning colors
bright, light and dark
paint the interim life of a spell
knowing not when is the ending
the time to briefly expel
the memories of the past and
the expectations of the future


i bathe in the stream of dreams
where truths are hidden
under the flowing waters
of fiction and make-believe
rubbing my skin with the sands of time
under the clock’s shadow of the sun
in the moonlit night of being awake
waiting for the chance to dream again my fate
running around at the shallowest whirlpool
where silky suds burst into thin air
like unmanned giant balloons
among the omnipresence of lies
among the clouds of laws and  righteousness
among the ubiquity of truths
pressed among the pages
of secrecy forgotten by time
how much time do i take
to cleanse the body of dirt and grease
hurled against me by the enemies
i couldn’t see them but the balls
and bullets are numerous
i parried them with my head and hands
still, they got into me
into my heart and mind
and into my system
they drained me dry
but today, they must pay me back in their own coin
and rid of the grime and smudge
they’ve been firing on me
this is the moment
for them not to bathe  in a stream
but to swim in their own ocean
of uncertainties
where future bummers of their lives
will be  frequent and sharp as knives…