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in the dawn of our lives
expecting a bright lovely sunrise 
unexpectedly a disturbance of day
comes to darken the way

harsh wind blows so hard
and clouds fly so dark
lightning  begins to spark 
and strike a burning mark

water of the sky heavily pours 
and sips inside closed doors
rises and tries to ready itself
and floods the way with cries

tears of hate and pains of hurt
bloodied wounds and stains of dirt
all will be talking inside your heart
when a survival is going  to start 

wishing the sun would not set
and turn the dark to day
lives have their twists and turns
the fire has some waste to burn…



It Doesn’t Matter


image credit: GINGER

she laughs when i cry
never she wipes away my tears
she cries when i giggle
never she yells some cheers

why is she like this
always reacts the opposite
sometimes i suspect her as a fool
who doesn’t know the golden rule
whoever is this woman

who strayed away from the caravan
to others she’s the coolest insane
it doesn’t matter, i love her just the same


To Dream


’twas calling me
every night and
in the wee hours
of the morning
as i  laid down
on my bed
’twas accosting me
to close my eyes
and along the way
a sob was heard
tears dropped
like it rained
time was inviting
me To Dream



Shed Some Tears

2014 - 1 (8)

let me shed some tears tonight
and ease the burden to make it light
an obese load of the piercing past
drowning me without a life raft

drop some tears along the road
leave behind some awful load
let some burden escape the booth
start believing the future’s truth

abandon the past of heart’s bitterness
hope for the feeling not of loneliness
a place awaits the troubled mind
in the Lord you can’t go blind

End of a Love Song


when i sing a song

why is there

always Love

in its verse


if i hum the tune

why it’s always

a Love Song

that sways the notes

to tag along


emotion filled piece

echoes on the  hills

heartfelt rendition

brings a thousand thrills


it fills your heart

as it drifts away

flapping its wings

as the melody stays


in your memory

it lingers long

’til you memorize

the lines of the song


it’s not the chorus

that says the end

making you cry

spilling your tears

saying Goodbye…

Anger…just like some other tears


her emotion bursts with a fiery anger
like a dragon, mouth-throwing a piercing temper
bravura got into flights out of her face
sweetness lost among the twisted jungle maze
nectareous stares surely were misplaced
laughter was hidden deep down a ravine
crashed fuss, shot by controversies unforeseen
 holding on, too heavy to lift those fates undreamed
still wondering it will be over to cast her fears
sooner, time will dry them off just like some other tears…
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Best Friend

incheon,korea 072 (2)

together, two faces, two souls
 enduring different heartaches
aiming different goals
in your present precious life
luxuries, fun, and pleasure
you seem to fly like a butterfly
breezy, buoyant, happy-go-lucky
feeling endless of your fate
under the mantle of a family
a confidant, a cohort, a chum
whatever is the watering hole
time don’t mind the place you’re from
enjoying every moment of every bend
every tears, all the smiles you can pretend
there’s someone to confide, it’s your best  Friend…

Weeping Me

i feel the sadness the actors do
if they shed tears i do, too
intense are their acting, i’m impressed
whether they’re just happy or depressed
i feel dejected seeing them in a mournful act
expression of faces emotionally packed
should i continue watching them on TV
or just close my eyes and forget the weeping me…