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in the dawn of our lives
expecting a bright lovely sunrise 
unexpectedly a disturbance of day
comes to darken the way

harsh wind blows so hard
and clouds fly so dark
lightning  begins to spark 
and strike a burning mark

water of the sky heavily pours 
and sips inside closed doors
rises and tries to ready itself
and floods the way with cries

tears of hate and pains of hurt
bloodied wounds and stains of dirt
all will be talking inside your heart
when a survival is going  to start 

wishing the sun would not set
and turn the dark to day
lives have their twists and turns
the fire has some waste to burn…



Man’s Life

2013 - 1 (20)

 man’s furrowed and narrow path

dangerous, risky and life-threatening

an acute ordeal to death

man’s trench of downfall

a pit of loss

a brawling amphitheater of extinction

which should be trod with care

and skillful manipulation of ways

to control fear

and be adept

for survival

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Our Home

22 02 2016 - 1.jpg pinkbirds- sedat Asci

Image Credit : Sedat Asci

 our home, our refuge

a place where our affections flourished

the place where our strength were built


it is the cradle of undying love

which sprouted hand in hand with virtues

with decency and uprightness


the nest of good moral excellence

where it conforms to one’s life and conduct

to moral and ethical principles


it is the seat of our faith and theological virtues

where someone as god is our king

and follow his teachings as we tread  our life’s path


it is our court of settlement

to iron out dents among ourselves

and make decisions out of our rational thinking 


it is the birth place of our happiness

where blissful contentment were laid in place

as the center of our daily survival

this is our home

bare and naked…