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Loving Heart

16 - 1.jpg Pilar Allen

Image credit: Pilar Allen

now  you’re singing
the song of love
your heart’s beating
you are certain of


how great it is
feeling the happiness
braving the storm
despising emptiness


sadness turns to laughter
cold mornings become warm
questions need no answers
loving heart takes any norm




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burst the morning with your intimate flower
cool the wind with smiles as the dewdrops cling
 petals and leaves run after the hour
for the sun begins its tropical incandescent sting
in a few moment, bees and butterflies will come
to try the whiff wrapping your entire form
hungry for quite a while, you’ve abstained from
the distinct scent you’ve wear during the harshest storm
break the day with your ever smiling petals
invite the serene surrounding of bewitching folks
take their affection softened from hardened pebbles
to thrive freely in the forest  of oaks…