at this stretch of the moment
at this juncture of uncertainty
the reasons are there to see 
why these scenes are meant to be

the separation of souls from the bodies
where bullets owed their breaths
unclear how reasons do the copies
multiplying the smell of wreaths

public judgment are circulating
motives are bound to lie
some loss of lives  are worth debating
that left others to die …



if only

if only i could hold your hand and take you with me
to a place where i could carve a destiny
where your thoughts and mine could finally agree
that both of us are children of the free
our nights were lonely even under a bright Western sky
closing our eyes, retiring our bodies without goodbyes
even in dreams we can’t make our happy smiles
in the middle of a slumber  we’re forced to open our eyes
there’s fear in our conduct, everyday of our lives
faith is in us, there’s a reason to survive
scared of terrorism of different creeds and drives
to rule and gain the world  but loose their souls derived…

Best Friend

incheon,korea 072 (2)

together, two faces, two souls
 enduring different heartaches
aiming different goals
in your present precious life
luxuries, fun, and pleasure
you seem to fly like a butterfly
breezy, buoyant, happy-go-lucky
feeling endless of your fate
under the mantle of a family
a confidant, a cohort, a chum
whatever is the watering hole
time don’t mind the place you’re from
enjoying every moment of every bend
every tears, all the smiles you can pretend
there’s someone to confide, it’s your best  Friend…