Photography: Fishermen on Small Boats



At 6 AM, these fishermen are already out in the sea for a catch. Romblon Pass is a rich ground for these folks to catch fish. Between Tablas island and Romblon, the sea is a virtual home of fishes inhabiting this pass supporting lives of people from the nearby town of San Agustin, Tablas island and Romblon, Philippines.



as i open a sea of thoughts

rushes of curling waves kiss the sands

gather no moss nor leave traces of gloss

a heap of dune boils my commands


erasures define as they swing to and fro

’til the wrinkled phase is ironed and correctly done

then it is set ready, aimed like an arrow and bow

shot into the target awaiting fate to be grand

Flowers That Won’t Bloom

image credit : tree of life
when flowers won’t bloom anymore
what purpose should they give
to brighten the mornings with their colors
what smell should they burst
to stand guard every scent of dreams
how high should they thrive and rise
to stay upright reaching for the sky
how long should they exist
to entice the water up to their barks and leaves
how far should their roots
go deeper underground and explore
the nutrients of the solid sea
the wheel of succession will tell
when everything completes the loop
and ready to begin new lives
sewing threads of the era
that once there were flowers
that won’t bloom