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As I Close My Eyes


Image credit: Sylvain Claire Photography   (sunrise)

as i close my eyes
i leave the worries of the day
the fears of the night
and the confusions of dawn

solutions are there to find
where the sun’s light
has no obstructions on its way
and the perfect picture can be drawn

sometimes the night in reverse
becomes the lighted day
it is in the dark
one can find the needle under the hay



In The Midst…


image credit: google +

there are days i like it white
pure and clean like Mary the Virgin
taste like vanilla at the height of night
but cuts and stings like a sea urchin
coffee, chocolate or mocha color me up
weekends  taste nutty with shades of brown
merrily singing, but heart cries like a tiger cub
making a canopy of sort, laughing like a clown
tucking away sad memories inside
moments of truth sometimes will show
deep in a heart bitter realities just don’t die
spring will come in the midst  of a cold snow…

Sands Of The Desert

i felt the heat of the searing sands
as i walked barefooted through the barren land
powdery sands out there in the desert
an ocean of solids no fishes  ever swam
a windstorm blew along the clouds of sands
a heated earth in daytime where a sandstorm began
and at night where the air has fully cooled
dissipated in the dark where loosened sands were stirred
just like you and me, life’s storms do come and go
where love needs precious time to let it grow
but sometimes it is shaken by a tricky trouble
loosening the Gordian knot ends the pestering battle…