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Loving Heart

16 - 1.jpg Pilar Allen

Image credit: Pilar Allen

now  you’re singing
the song of love
your heart’s beating
you are certain of


how great it is
feeling the happiness
braving the storm
despising emptiness


sadness turns to laughter
cold mornings become warm
questions need no answers
loving heart takes any norm



End of a Love Song


when i sing a song

why is there

always Love

in its verse


if i hum the tune

why it’s always

a Love Song

that sways the notes

to tag along


emotion filled piece

echoes on the  hills

heartfelt rendition

brings a thousand thrills


it fills your heart

as it drifts away

flapping its wings

as the melody stays


in your memory

it lingers long

’til you memorize

the lines of the song


it’s not the chorus

that says the end

making you cry

spilling your tears

saying Goodbye…

Sands Of The Desert

i felt the heat of the searing sands
as i walked barefooted through the barren land
powdery sands out there in the desert
an ocean of solids no fishes  ever swam
a windstorm blew along the clouds of sands
a heated earth in daytime where a sandstorm began
and at night where the air has fully cooled
dissipated in the dark where loosened sands were stirred
just like you and me, life’s storms do come and go
where love needs precious time to let it grow
but sometimes it is shaken by a tricky trouble
loosening the Gordian knot ends the pestering battle…