A Fighter, A Survivor…

DSC05801 (2)

i am the leftover

of the flowers that bloomed

i continue to prosper

in spite of the arid spell

i continue to function

in spite of the corollary dead vines

i didn’t forget

to darken the color of my petals

i still know how to carry out photosynthesis

among my leaves

‘though i know

some of my branches are mortified

still, i continue to thrive among the vines

i want to outlive them

i want to branch out some more

i don’t embrace surrendering

to the dryness of the clime


i am a fighter

i am a survivor…

Flowers That Won’t Bloom

image credit : tree of life
when flowers won’t bloom anymore
what purpose should they give
to brighten the mornings with their colors
what smell should they burst
to stand guard every scent of dreams
how high should they thrive and rise
to stay upright reaching for the sky
how long should they exist
to entice the water up to their barks and leaves
how far should their roots
go deeper underground and explore
the nutrients of the solid sea
the wheel of succession will tell
when everything completes the loop
and ready to begin new lives
sewing threads of the era
that once there were flowers
that won’t bloom


image credit: google +
burst the morning with your intimate flower
cool the wind with smiles as the dewdrops cling
 petals and leaves run after the hour
for the sun begins its tropical incandescent sting
in a few moment, bees and butterflies will come
to try the whiff wrapping your entire form
hungry for quite a while, you’ve abstained from
the distinct scent you’ve wear during the harshest storm
break the day with your ever smiling petals
invite the serene surrounding of bewitching folks
take their affection softened from hardened pebbles
to thrive freely in the forest¬† of oaks…