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Honest and Innocent


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hiding behind words
writing lethal poison
injecting venomous lines
into the veins of  honest innocent stanzas


suspicion dictated
the heart was wounded
cut and disfigured
after harmless letters reached a guilty one


it was just for fun
written only to rhyme
but the sense was there
  to be judged by time



you are inanimate…

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you teach them how to kill
an innocent soul in an unexpected place
but he outdone you
he killed you instead
It’s  Self Defense.
and there, your soul can’t find heaven
even  hell can’t burn your wandering spirit
because it is just an illusion
that you have one
You Are Inanimate.
inciting to commit murder
that’s how your Head inflames
you, as one of the followers
believe and follow blindly
A Behavior Of Idiots.
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