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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia/Nature

My fond memories of these placesĀ  keep me long for home. I have moments of sentimental yearning for the happiness these places gave me and I’m always trap in nostalgia looking at these. Reminiscing the joy of beingĀ  in these places in the past wraps my whole being. For nostalgia’s sake, my return to Guimaras Island, Philippines is a treasured moment that I will always appreciate.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra(Ordinary)


From a distance, you’ll see this set as ordinary and unassuming. But as I came nearer to examine what it’s made of, I was stunned. It’s made of discharged rubber tires. They were cut to pieces, fashioned and designed as chairs and table. I found this in a resort in Guimaras Island, Philippines.