Flowers In A Vase


the vase is an empty vessel

porcelain, earthenware or brass

it changes the breadth of space

compliments the table top of glass


but the beauty comes to life

when it is dolled up with flowers

 yellow, red, purple and the like

brighter than a battery of lawyers


when dull days come to a weeping

and there’s no shoulder to cry on

flowers in bloom of burning colors

floats the drowned mood and forever gone

image credit: google+

Flowers That Won’t Bloom

image credit : tree of life
when flowers won’t bloom anymore
what purpose should they give
to brighten the mornings with their colors
what smell should they burst
to stand guard every scent of dreams
how high should they thrive and rise
to stay upright reaching for the sky
how long should they exist
to entice the water up to their barks and leaves
how far should their roots
go deeper underground and explore
the nutrients of the solid sea
the wheel of succession will tell
when everything completes the loop
and ready to begin new lives
sewing threads of the era
that once there were flowers
that won’t bloom

The Music

09-12-13 - 1
i hum the melody
the sound of a rhapsody
i sing it loud in the air
when you treat me so unfair
i wish you would really care
about my love for you, i swear
i memorize the lines
when forgetting is yours not mine
would it be just fine
if my  heart and  yours are entwined
but let the tune play  like a butterfly
where all the flowers in paradise can’t deny
before you say the word goodbye
 let the music remain and leave a sting
and all the luck that it would bring


The Day

Dahilayan Gardens 028 (2)

would the sun shine through the day
despite the clouds so dark and thick
would the flowers make a beautiful bouquet
to kiss and smell when you are sick
but what if clouds would pour its rain
and block the golden light of the sun
could the flowers wither  with no one to blame
or bloom scentless for awhile and then gone