Photo credit: Blurred Vision

even eyes burned up its use
images unseen but still heard
the sight of you still refuse
changing figures aren’t blurred

absence  doesn’t make me blind
but it helps me clearly see
your heart and mine do bind
as one of you and me



the smile

лицо макияж

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i tried to catch the smile

you threw at me once

but as our eyes met

you  hid it back with pride

’cause the warmth you felt inside

cupid’s arrow claimed the divide…


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now i hear the song so soothing to my ears
closing my eyes, I’m floating with the wind
i can’t help myself building castles in the air
i found and discover myself in existence

Weeping Me

i feel the sadness the actors do
if they shed tears i do, too
intense are their acting, i’m impressed
whether they’re just happy or depressed
i feel dejected seeing them in a mournful act
expression of faces emotionally packed
should i continue watching them on TV
or just close my eyes and forget the weeping me…


The Flight…


enlighten me, i need to be

clouds on my window pane

distract the vision of my eyes

so, come nearer, nearer

bring yourself to me


the words that you say

birdlike, they transcends  away

as the movements of your lips

speak the feelings of your heart

to myself, you are a part


i can feel your soul

drifting above me

the cold silhouette of you

 lingering in my sense

as you cross the borders

of man and angels…