Don’t Block The Driveway

it’s my kingdom
the border has been identified
but the defined mark has been


it is mine
the front part of my home
it is  my driveway
i want to draw a line


i was angered
by my neighbor’s idiotic act
parking his second-hand car
at my gate’s mouth, i wanted war


so i put a sign
“Don’t block the driveway
This is the fault line
If you park here, it’s not fine”


7 Replies to “Don’t Block The Driveway”

    1. After i made that move, another neighbor of mine followed suit. They also put a sign not to block their driveway by this irresponsible neighbor. Now i don’t know where they parked their car. 🙂

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  1. If you park here, you are GAY” *Note: No offense meant to the LGBT community

    No matter if you put the disclaimer; *Note: No offense meant to the LGBT community
    and you state if you park here, you are gay. It is still offensive. It is like you putting If you park here you are black, or phillipino, or chinese, white with the context you wrote about it is still offensive to those community. Words can break or build. It is a matter of choice.

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    1. thank you, Jo for the thought…i just wanted the neighbor to feel that i don’t like his parking in front of my home…you’re right…i wanted to see his reaction if he’s called that way and he was not bothered at all, he just smiled away…thanks again, Jo for the comment. I’ll better change the sign… 🙂


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