no matter how much we try
hiding the feeling of resentment
suspicious of being dethroned
fearful to be left behind

those who love are often jealous
watchful in the protection
possessive of a heart
we love


 our emotions show
both our actions and reactions
efforts that we exert
the truthfulness of Love
intolerant of unfaithfulness
as we walk the path that we trod

we come to know the Lord
is a jealous God



2 Replies to “Jealous”

  1. Interesting…I haven’t been on here much lately; I’ve been pretty shabby about reading (as opposed to posting), pulling my pants up, and leaving again, yet we have touched on a similar subject from a different perspective on the same day…I’m glad I found this piece.

    Chazz Vincent


  2. Thank you for your time…Different points of view over one subject… Different frames of minds tell the difference.
    I like your in-depth “analysis” of the word. Diverse interpretations, varied thoughts written on the same day. Impressive thoughts on …Three-headed dragon ! congratulations and be well!


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