at this stretch of the moment
at this juncture of uncertainty
the reasons are there to see 
why these scenes are meant to be

the separation of souls from the bodies
where bullets owed their breaths
unclear how reasons do the copies
multiplying the smell of wreaths

public judgment are circulating
motives are bound to lie
some loss of lives  are worth debating
that left others to die …



5 Replies to “Uncertainty”

      1. Not really in the limelight. Just started commenting today and likes not too often in the past. It has been 9 months since I have not been really on wordpress. Haven’t written much either. How is life for you. Have you taken a break as well?

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      2. For me, I just started this night a poem which is a sign that I’ll be back writing again. It has come to a point that I was fed up with words. I have changed to posting photos on challenges which on occasions won some. But here I am again. I’m back like you here on wordpress. That was a break! 🙂

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