Tulang Diot Island, Cebu, Philippines

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Still untouched by the development and growth of tourism in the country, this island is gaining the attention of domestic tourists as one of the alluring, unassuming and charming beaches in the Visayas region. A few minutes boat ride from Esperanza, Camotes Island, the white sand beach sparkles from afar. Glance at the photos and see in the cards its future as a major attraction in the region.

12 Replies to “Tulang Diot Island, Cebu, Philippines”

    1. at cebu pier 1, u can take a ferry going to Camotes…. at Poro port there are motorcycles that will take you wherever you want in the island, just ask your driver and they ‘re willing to give assistance…, camotes is just a small island and you can rent a motorcycle if you wish to…ask the motorcycle drivers at the ports…i can give you some names , just ask if they’re at the port at the time of your visit….RJ or ROLDAN….

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