Not Even Windy


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back and fort
the swing moves
on a hot summer day
it dances ballet
no children
nor teens to see
activities have gone
space is on vacancy
how could it be
swinging all alone
it’s not even windy

Photography: Beach Flags

DSC05902 (2)

Beach flags of Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island, Cebu adorn the wide beach front to attract more visitors. Coming to this island by sea could be easy if these flags are standing by the beach front for the visitors to easily pinpoint the beach’s direction.


She Smiled At Me


she smiled at me

on a lonely summer day

our eyes met somewhere

felt the joy in the air

but there’s no company

that she asked of me

but the feeling has remained

in my thoughts  she was chained


Reflection, Me. : Week 01 : Day 10 – ( MY PROMPTS )

from the box of The Hut Owner, I’m reblogging this poem which depicts his teen years …Please read the ORIGINAL POST…

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This was supposed to be my Day 01 but I needed more time to finish it so, I made this as my last prompt instead.



Inspired by Micaiah brought this into being

galvanized emotion dared writing to be conceived

the days rewound and moved into grinding

back where it started none will be deceived



Urban Hiking


The memories when i was young and green

recapturing the thoughts when  I was a teen

 gone were the days  parents have to discipline

correcting my actions most were all routines


Mistakes were almost filling to the brim

all that overflowed they have to skim

young  was I, my wants met resistance

scolded was all i got as their  response


Coming home late were always their  worry

nightly events out with friends and buddies

drinking became my frequent nightly glory

friends and neighbors, nights of social sortie



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Tulang Diot Island, Cebu, Philippines

DSC05940 (2)

DSC05945 (2)

DSC05950 (2)

DSC05954 (2)

Still untouched by the development and growth of tourism in the country, this island is gaining the attention of domestic tourists as one of the alluring, unassuming and charming beaches in the Visayas region. A few minutes boat ride from Esperanza, Camotes Island, the white sand beach sparkles from afar. Glance at the photos and see in the cards its future as a major attraction in the region.