Landslide on the terraces

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Carved out of the Ifugao hillsides in the Philippines, these rice terraces stretch like steps to the heavens which change colors during rainy and dry seasons. Some parts of these paddies are already facing erosion like the one in the picture. The center part is eroded by too much water brought about by rains. The mud walls of the terraces  gave way to landslides. Considered as the Eight Wonder of the world, these terraces were built by the Ifugao tribes 2000 – 3000 years ago and still in use by the modern populace of the region.

The deal


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the tiger made a sound
when a mouse passed by
he trembled and made a bow
when the cat said, meow, meow

the kitten offered his paw
but the tiger raised his brow
do you want me as a friend, asked the cat
tiger, get the iron bar and kill the rat