Photography : “Wait for your turn!”

DSC05796 (2)


6 thoughts on “Photography : “Wait for your turn!”

  1. They’re not waiting! Based on the way that they have positioned themselves, I suspect a plan is in action which probably entails distraction! The one in the middle will be the initial distraction at which point the one at top will move in… but the dog will see it and turn. The cat at the bottom is so attentive that I suspect it will then move in and execute a “dine and dash” routine.

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    1. So, you’ve read their plans! You have a good perception of what they’re going to do next. 🙂 What a nice observation! ….Thank you so much for the thought, colinandray..:)


  2. you’re back, Jo….the dog has been lost and we presumed he’s already dead. He’s 20 years old and already weak waiting for his time until his lost. The cats just strayed in our house. We feed them and they considered us their buddies.


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