Weekly Photo Challenge: State of mind – Anger

Fiesta 01-18,19-2015 020 (4)

A new dog was brought to the house and this was the reaction of our resident pet when they met face to face. GRRRRRRRR!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: State of mind – Anger

  1. Hope they are getting on now. We were told when introducing a new dog have them meet in a neutral place like a park and take them for a walk on a lead together. They get used to each other and then accept the other into the house. It certainly worked when we introduced our rescue cocker spaniel to the resident german shepherd.

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    1. It didn’t take a while, probably less than thirty minutes and they got along as friends. They smelled each other, then a little fight…a little running here and there, then they got along with each other…i think it’s the smell…hahaha…! 🙂 thanks for your time and have a good day! cheers!

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