I don’t want to get naked…

Iligan city 08-28-14, Eden natureresort,08-27-14 133 (2)

i don't want to get naked
for all the people may see
i don't want their libido awakened
and make a fun out of me
my lovely feathers are gone
and it's cold in the night
i look like a frightened swan
when cooks yell for a fight
give me back my feathered jacket
'cause i fear for my dear life
when a chef sees me without clothes
he'llΒ  run after me withΒ  a knife


14 thoughts on “I don’t want to get naked…

    1. Please let me hear it! Me, too. You know when I read the whole poem, I really can’t help myself but to laugh and laugh, then a grin, then a smile, then laugh again! Happy laughing! :0 Thanks, Mirna for your time laughing… LOL

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