Your heart & mine


image credit: google+

i often dream of a heart

to beat for you

oftentimes, had an illusion

of your looks, too


wanting a daily glimpse

of how your eyes declare

i froze in the coldness

of your empty arid stare


 where your sight had slanted

i looked to its direction

no one was there to lay on

but an ugly view of frustration


to leave in the lurch, it’s clear

and leap from the world you fear

your heart and mine don’t jibe

even when i tried to bribe…



3 thoughts on “Your heart & mine

    1. thank you for loving this line…i just thought of it instantly and strike the keys…:) i thought my head is some kind of rusty…hehe…you have more beautiful lines than i do, i swear…thank you for sharing your time, Jo! it’s a great honor…

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