Memory Card


In one of my travels in southern Philippines, I’ve ran out of memory cards for my camera. I forgot to bring extra card with me for the travel.  I was excited preparing for it, lest I forgot the most important part of the camera in picture taking, the memory card. Without it, my travels could not be documented and go home empty handed without proof. It was good I was still in the capital city when I checked upon the availability of the remaining shots I have in my camera (Sony SLT- A65V, α series). I still have time to look for the needed card and I was lucky enough to find a store selling camera needs and requirements. It was in a Malaybalay mall where I bought the card and took this picture. I bought Adata 16 GB with more than a thousand shots. I was thankful I have decided to spend an overnight stay at a Malaybalay, Bukidnon hotel. I was hesitant of spending the night on the road going to General Santos city, so that compromise was reached, spend the night in Malaybalay then catch an early morning bus for GenSan. So, I was ready for the cruising.


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