my night

Star Formation Region Monoceros R2 - Infrared VISTA view of a stellar nursery in Monoceros

i saw the night


stars and meteorites

dancing ballet

the dipper above

kept its brilliance

displaying love

‘though in a distance

they don’t know

they’re there

they’re being watch


now my night

is my night

enjoying the sight

feeling light…


DSC01216 (2).JPG

i peep at the door ajar

i saw a light coming not from afar

it was dubiously a surprise to me

seeing the light bending away from reality

there’s no lie others are stepping on others toes

hardly don’t step to fit into the others shoes

learning how to align and fix in time

persevering on rough edges to slowly climb…



incheon,korea 197 (2)

if salt has been sweet

dreaming of sugar to be bitter

would they blend when stirred

in a vessel of oil ignored

time have lapsed in an era

forgetting what is recent and new

as the past keep returning for a few

in a thought of a happy rendezvous



Mini zoo in Bangkok

DSC00647 (2)

This was in Bangkok’s Cobra Show. Before entering the area where the show was being held, we passed this mini zoo which featured a limited number of animals. Here they are, mostly unknown to me.