press me between the pages of your lips
drag me into the room of your maternal innocence
whip me with the slash of your peppered tongue
before we knew it, our velvet satin dreams hung
let my soul be adrift to kiss the nipples of the hills
let my mouth’s wetness be a friction-less reservoir of your thoughts
a cave of ecstatic echoes of surrendered screams and submissive moans
life’s stage  has been cycled up, two as one, alone unguarded by time…
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You’re there, Gorilla…

i was stunned
looking at you
the empty quietness
the shimmered glances
your hooked sight
your hurled vision
never followed me
’cause it’s just you
looking suspiciously at me
i walked passed you
i sensed
 you never cared my presence
i stared back  at you
neither i saw the importance
you never felt  my absence
i went near  you
your view arrested mine
in the middle of uncertainty
you never blinked an eye
fur and body stood motionless
no warmth of breath,
no interpretative cadence
worthless was my  primate stance
 as my fingers stupefied you
of the coldness of your skin
a  lifeless plaster  seen by a few
a model, a  sculptured gorilla statue…