pair of Angels… hardened thieves

credit : google +
with all the confusion and fracas around us
stress and pressure, fear and smuts
upheaval of peace, uneasiness of movement
disturbed populace  striving to be prudent
the mind is strained, the emotion is in grief
the thought is in struggle, bitter as a tea leaf
the body’s faculty trembles to a bad stimuli
frightened but no qualms fearing to die
so i prayed a pair of  angels to put me to sleep
to rob all my pains and anguish like  hardened thieves…

6 thoughts on “pair of Angels… hardened thieves

  1. Yes if only to go to sleep and not wake up. For me I read a lot of quantum physics which says that we are just an illusion. I figure if we are an illusion we don’t really have to be here. I’m trying to figure out how to unhook from the nasty realm at times we call earth.

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    1. Physicists think differently from laymen and they don’t understand their kind of thinking. Illusion is a form of magic and it is not to be believed. Religion and magic don’t go together. They are not on the same level. Religion is a belief and physics is a study or a science. I hope you can unhook the mystery of Man… hehe..:) thanks for the info…

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