She Was Lost


he entered the house he left for a month

he cried and sat at the step of the stair

feeling of desolation, can’t make a step to run

flash back, alone breathing a different air


for a moment he felt the reeling emptiness

 deeper into a world of friendlessness

 a feeling of buoyancy was soon reborn

of a heart that was once severely torn


the man deceived of his partner’s life

the hope of making through without a cut from a knife

but in the works, it was just half through

wind of life stopped blowing, he barely knew…


6 thoughts on “She Was Lost

      1. When you are stay far away from fam….then must be one day you will feel missing so much…..It will be difficult to continue the war or leave the gun and going home……..holding tight our beloved son and daughter …..Well finally it is difficult to fight our self for freedom from the loneliness ….but war is easy happening

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