Quietly in Russia “God” Speaks

Russia is slowly rebuilding its history and carefully gaining grounds with respect to sympathy from the christian world against extremist terrorists.

Life in Russia

I would like to preface this post by saying that I’m not trying espouse any political  agenda nor state my own religious beliefs with the following article. What I did find fascinating is the idea that a country’s values can change and swing to polar opposites as can be seen here. I’m also betting that there will be those who will dispute the information and even be offended. The re-post may do so but is designed to provoke thinking and open discourse to look at what is really happening and why. What is truly the reality? I’m looking forward to see the reaction and hear comments.

Is Russia more Christian than the United States?

Vladimir Putin might just say Yes!

Is Russian leadership more Christian than the United States? Is the Russian Government more Christian than George Bush or Obama ever hoped the United States to be? The answer is…

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