Weeping Me

i feel the sadness the actors do
if they shed tears i do, too
intense are their acting, i’m impressed
whether they’re just happy or depressed
i feel dejected seeing them in a mournful act
expression of faces emotionally packed
should i continue watching them on TV
or just close my eyes and forget the weeping me…



5 thoughts on “Weeping Me

  1. Salut! First thank you for finding me and generously liking a couple of my posts which led me to yours which I am very pleased about. I am currently spending a happy interlude enjoying your verses. Til soon (that’s the literal translation of a bientot which I personally love) I would like to say that this strikes such a loud resonant chord with me. I was once described by a theatre critic as the perfect audience. I wish I had had this up my sleeve to respond 🙂

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