He is the Wings gliding in the stratosphere
He is the Humble of the arrogant cavalier
He is the Machine circling the earth
He is  the engine Fuel  since  birth
He is the Compass when I lost the north
He is the Lawyer when I’m sued in court
He is the Chef cooking up great personalities
He is the Temper  I hold in feud with realities
He is the Answer to all the questions and doubts
He is the distorted Frown in all the pouts
He is the Smoke in every burst of fire
He’ s the vital Rest  when the body is tired
He is the Ease in every line of a traffic jam
He’s the odor of the Trail when the smoke is gone
He is the Haste of every struggle with time
He is the Prize of every mountain  climbed


who is He in your life

the one who’ll bring you peace of mind

the conquest of every feat

 the realization of dreams

depends upon the pursuance

to achieve it…


4 thoughts on “He

  1. This was a great read, glad you stumbled upon my crazy little blog, He for me is my saviour for sure and certainly peace of mind. But recently actually, about 3 years now that He became a day to day part of who I am. And I´m not good at all…..but I try.
    Great poem, meaningful, well written and just an overall a good read.

    Liked by 1 person

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